Changing your HVAC filter is crucial to achieving maximum heating and cooling efficiency. A dirty filter makes it difficult for the air conditioner or furnace to produce heat or cool air. Keep reading to learn if you can use an AC filter for the furnace in your Rural Hill, Tennessee, home.

Is the Furnace Filter the Same as the AC Filter?

If your home has a central heat and air system, then yes, you can use the same filter when running the furnace as you do when running the air conditioner. The same also applies if you have two separate units and they share the same air handler. The air handler is where the filter is placed, and both the AC and furnace share this filter. Air passes through the air handler regardless of whether the AC or the furnace is on. It’s important that the air handler always have a clean filter to achieve optimal heating and cooling efficiency.

If you use window units to cool your home, then your furnace will have its own filter. You can refer to the furnace owner’s manual to determine what size filter is best.

What Is the Best Filter to Use on a Furnace?

The best type of furnace filter to use will depend on your preferences. If you or someone in your home suffers from allergies or asthma, a filter with a high MERV rating will probably be the best option. The MERV rating indicates how effective the filter is at removing fine airborne contaminants from the air. The more contaminants a filter can trap, the less amount of dust and dirt in the air. This is key to keeping asthma and allergy symptoms to a minimum.

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