To keep the HVAC system in your Ashwood, Tennessee, home working properly, maintenance is crucial. There are some heating system tasks you can handle on your own, but the following five HVAC maintenance and repair tasks should only be handled by a qualified technician.

Thermostat Calibration

Your thermostat needs to be calibrated precisely to maximize energy efficiency. The professionals from Bentley’s Air Conditioning are familiar with the ideal calibrations for climate conditions faced by homes in Tennessee.

Blower and Burner Cleaning

While it’s possible to find information about cleaning furnace blowers and burners as DIY projects, it’s ideal to bring in a pro for these tasks. These are precision parts, and a slight bump in the wrong spot may cause the system to operate incorrectly. A professional HVAC technician makes sure nothing is knocked out of calibration during the blower and burner cleaning process.

Component Replacement

HVAC systems are designed to function properly based on precise settings. Changing parts without a full understanding of those settings may permanently damage your system. Always bring in a pro to diagnose and replace any parts that aren’t working properly.

Component Cleaning

Interior parts in your HVAC system can collect dust and moisture, which can cause components to fail. A professional HVAC technician will examine and clean any parts that are dirty and recommend replacement of ones that can’t be saved.

Ductwork Cleaning

Keeping the ductwork clean in your home improves indoor air quality. This type of cleaning should always be done by a professional who also checks for damage and makes repairs if needed.

Call Bentley’s Air Conditioning at (615) 754-2665 today to schedule service for your HVAC system. We’ve been serving the community’s heating and cooling needs since 1945, and we’re eager to help you keep your home’s HVAC system in good condition.

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