A quick online search will reveal an assortment of ways to increase HVAC energy efficiency. Some of these methods, however, simply don’t work. Some sources say it’s best to leave the lights on in your Ashwood, Tennessee, home versus turning them off because it uses less energy leaving them on than it takes to switch them off and on. This is but one myth that has circulated on the internet. Read on to learn more about HVAC energy-efficiency myths and what will actually help you save on energy costs in your home.

Turning Off Appliances Saves Energy

An air conditioner or heater that is turned off but plugged into an outlet still uses energy. You have to completely unplug these appliances in order to achieve energy efficiency. An excellent way to do this is to plug the appliances into a power strip and then unplug the strip when you’re not using them. Make sure you don’t have other appliances plugged into the same power strip, like the refrigerator or a freezer that need to be on at all times.

HVAC Systems Use the Most Energy

Advancements in HVAC technology have greatly increased energy efficiency, and a modern HVAC system no longer consumes the most energy in a home. In fact, it only consumes about 48 percent. Gaming systems, computers, TVs, and other types of electronic equipment tend to consume the most energy. As electronic entertainment systems continue to become more sophisticated, the amount of energy they use will continue to rise.

Closing Vents Lowers Energy Bills

Closing vents to the rooms you don’t want to heat or cool will not save money on your energy bills. In fact, it can actually increase your bills because it negatively impacts the balance of your HVAC unit by making it work harder to regulate even heating and cooling. The best way to heat and cool rooms on an individual basis is to install an HVAC system that features zoned heating and cooling.

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