HVAC maintenance is essential to make sure your system runs smoothly and operates to its fullest potential, maintaining comfort in your Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, home. Maintenance is crucial for keeping your system running properly, detecting necessary repairs, improving the life of your system, and maintaining the comfort of your home.

Maintenance Can Reduce the Risk of Breakdown

When your HVAC technician comes out for your regularly scheduled maintenance, the technician will thoroughly clean and inspect all the components that make up your HVAC system. Cleaning your parts will enable them to work more efficiently, creating less wear. If any parts are worn or in need of replacement, your HVAC technician will give recommendations. This will enable you to stay on top of needed repairs and take care of problems before they result in a breakdown or emergency service repair.

It Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

If you have family members who suffer from allergies or asthma, HVAC maintenance is a simple and effective way to improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Unfortunately, all homeowners share their home with unwanted substances that in high concentration can lead to irritation to the throat, nose, and eyes, as well as an increased risk of respiratory problems. Contaminants such as pollen, dust mites, dirt, pet dander, and dust can all circulate throughout the home and in your HVAC system.

When these contaminants travel in your system, they can settle in the ductwork and on the various components. With regular HVAC maintenance, all your system’s components will be cleaned and checked for the buildup that can come loose and circulate throughout the air in your home.

It Can Reduce Noise and Prevent Unpleasant Smells

When your system is not properly maintained, it can be loud and make a variety of noises as belts become frayed and worn and parts break down or come loose. With routine maintenance, your HVAC specialist will be able to detect problems with the components and get them fixed before they generate awkward noises or cause any more damage.

Additionally, the regular cleaning that comes with your routine maintenance will reduce the amount of dust, dirt, and debris built up in your system. When firing up your system, especially for the first time in the season, the buildup of dirt and dust will burn off, creating an odor that can linger. Regular maintenance can also prevent other odors that could signal more pressing and dangerous concerns.

It Can Keep Your Home at a Comfortable and Consistent Temperature

Regular HVAC maintenance helps your system efficiently produce and evenly distribute the air needed in each room to help maintain a comfortable temperature. It also helps your system to gain better and more consistent airflow so it can work steady and eliminate hot and cold spots around your home. If your system is the correct size for your home, all your rooms should be able to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year, and a little HVAC maintenance can go a long way toward ensuring that happens.

Enjoy the Benefits of Bentley’s Comfort Club

Bentley’s Air Conditioning makes keeping your HVAC system maintained and your home comfortable all year as simple as signing up for Bentley’s Comfort Club. With membership in the club, you will receive two maintenance visits per year and enjoy many added benefits, such as:

  • Ensuring your system is running as efficiently as possible
  • Lower overall lifecycle costs
  • Proactive repairs
  • Specialized testing to diagnose possible problems with your system components
  • Sophisticated industry-specific technology to provide the best service for your equipment
  • Home comfort satisfaction
  • No overtime charges for repairs
  • $100 accrual toward a new system for each year that you are a member
  • 15 percent discount on repairs

Find out more about how HVAC maintenance can help keep your home comfortable year round and learn more about the benefits of joining Bentley’s Comfort Club. Give us a call at Bentley’s Air Conditioning at (615) 754-2665 to find out more information.

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