If you’re looking for ways to improve the efficiency and comfort in your Mount Juliet, Tennessee, home, a smart thermostat is a great addition. This innovative newcomer to the HVAC industry is accessible from anywhere, thanks to a host of apps and devices that offer better control over your comfort. Check out these helpful apps that can effectively control your thermostat and keep you comfortable year round in your home.


EcoBee is one of the top manufacturers of smart thermostats, delivering impressive units that manage your home’s heating and cooling system. This company offers one main thermostat option, the EcoBee4, which is the fourth-generation model. Since it launched its first thermostat, this manufacturer has continued to improve the features and functionality of the unit and the app that controls it. As soon as you install your new thermostat, simply download the app and sync it to your unit.

You can use the app on any device from anywhere and at any time to maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere. If you notice certain rooms of the house feel warmer or cooler, try adding a few wireless temperature sensors. These small units are placed on the walls and can track the temperature of a zone that is traditionally hotter or colder, allowing for more even and effective heating and cooling. The EcoBee app is free and available on Android and Apple devices.


Nexia has been around since 2008. It came out with one of the first smart home products available to consumers. Smart home technology has since grown drastically, allowing homeowners to connect various systems and components in their homes for control and accessibility from anywhere. Nexia offers an all-in-one solution for a smart home with options that control your garage door, lighting, HVAC, security, electrical components, appliances, windows and doors, and irrigation systems.

In order to use the Nexia system, you will need to purchase the bridge, which serves as the point of connection for all other items in your home. You can buy additional products from Nexia or connect your compatible smart thermostat to keep all of your smart home components in the same place. Nexia also connects to Google Home and Google Home Mini devices, allowing you to take advantage of the voice-controlled devices to adjust the temperature, lock the door, close the garage, or adjust the lighting.


Another popular option for smart thermostat technology comes from Nest. This manufacturer offers two thermostat options, the Nest Learning Thermostat and the Nest Thermostat E. Additional temperature sensors are available separately as well. Both thermostat options connect to the Nest app, which is free for Android and Apple devices, giving you more control over your home’s indoor temperature whether you’re home or away. Benefits of these units include proven energy savings, accessibility from anywhere, and the ability to make automatic adjustments to reduce energy waste and keep your bills under control.

Additionally, Nest offers several other smart home devices that can sync with the thermostat for better control in one place. These options include security cameras, smoke and carbon dioxide alarms, locks, camera-enabled doorbells, and home alarm monitoring options.

Google Home

Google Home is a smart speaker that sits on a tabletop and responds to voice commands. The services are available through Google’s intelligent personal assistant, which you can activate by saying, “Okay Google,” and proceeding with your request. A Google Home device makes it easy to control your appliances, systems, and devices connected to your smart home.

If you use a compatible smart thermostat, such as the Nest, you can also tell your Google Home to adjust the indoor temperature. Google Home and Google Home Mini devices are also controllable via an app on your smartphone or tablet called Google Home. Other built-in capabilities of these devices include control of Bluetooth audio streaming, connected lighting panels, hands-free calling, visual responses on your mobile devices, and playback of photos and videos.

These helpful apps make it easy to control your HVAC system and other systems in your home without having to leave the couch, but you’ll need a smart thermostat to get started. Contact Bentley’s Air Conditioning at (615) 754-2665 for more information about our thermostats and controls.

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