If the indoor air quality in your Hendersonville, Tennessee, home is poor, it could lead to problems with your HVAC system. You could have to deal with expensive, inconvenient breakdowns, reduced airflow, and uncomfortable warm areas or drafts. Unexplained health problems, bad smells, and high utility bills are all signs that your indoor air quality needs attention. If you notice any of these issues, contact the experienced professionals at Bentley’s Air Conditioning for help.

Unexplained Health Problems

Small amounts of bacteria, dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, and other pollutants can make allergy or asthma symptoms worse and lead to health problems like fatigue, headaches, dizziness, and rashes. If you have a cold that won’t go away or if you always start to feel better when you’re away from your home, you could have poor indoor air quality.

Bad Smells

Biological growth and other pollutants in your home’s air can cause unpleasant musty or rotting smells. Smoke and food odors from cooking and other routine activities can linger in your home as well. Change your HVAC system’s air filter once per month and have it checked regularly by an expert to avoid these problems.

High Utility Bills

Poor indoor air quality causes pollutants to build up in your system’s air filter and in your ductwork. These substances could reduce your HVAC system’s airflow and force it to work harder, wasting energy and shortening its life. Contaminants like twigs, leaves, pollen, and grass clippings can accumulate on your outdoor unit and reduce its airflow as well. Fortunately, it’s easy to keep it clean with a garden hose. You can also protect it with an awning or trellis.

Bentley’s Air Conditioning is a Trane Comfort Specialist. We’re a family business with more than four generations of experience, and we’ve been providing excellent service to our community since 1945. To improve your indoor air quality and find additional ways to keep your family comfortable, call us anytime at (615) 754-2665.

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