Keeping homes in Wilson County and Sumner County, Tennessee provided with fresh, clean air is important due to the area’s high summer temperatures and above-average rainfall compared to other U.S. cities. In area homes, minute airborne particles and potential moisture buildup can cause health issues for you and your family. An whole-home air purifier can help with maintaining a healthy indoor environment.

The Purpose of a Whole-Home Air Purifier

Maintaining healthy indoor air quality requires more than simply opening the doors and windows to allow fresh air to sweep through the home. While this is a good way to air out the house, it doesn’t necessarily ensure a supply of quality air.

This is because particles, allergens, dust, and other airborne items often settle inside the home and negatively affect the air quality. To keep air free of airborne contaminants, a whole-home air purifier is necessary.

A whole-home air purifier works as a team with the HVAC system. The air purifier removes particles and prevents them from entering the ductwork where they can build up and affect the efficiency of the HVAC system. If not taken care of, the buildup can lead to a service maintenance appointment.

An air purifier filters the air in your home, cleaning it of impurities that can cause health problems. With a whole-room air purifier installed, homeowners can take control of the air they and their family breathe.

Indoor Air Quality and Your Health

There are several signs your home would benefit from a Trane air cleaner. One of the main reasons for installing a whole-home purifier system is to provide cleaner air. This is especially important for individuals with health issues.

Anyone who suffers from allergies will benefit from having a purifier cleansing the air by removing particles that trigger allergy symptoms. These pollutants include dust, pet dander, pollen, and smoke. Whether someone deals with mild allergy issues or suffers from severe allergic reactions, a purifier helps to reduce the offending particles. This can have a positive effect on a person’s quality of life.

Asthma sufferers are prone to attacks when their breathing is compromised by particulates in the air. Air purifiers filter out these particles that can bring on asthma attacks.

Infants, children, and senior citizens with weakened immune systems are particularly at risk for developing respiratory conditions due to poor indoor air quality, but the risks can be reduced with an air purifier.

While those with health issues will benefit from using an air purifier, everyone in the home will benefit from a cleaner air environment. When you have one of our air cleaning systems installed, you can expect nearly 100 percent of the particulates to be removed quickly, quietly, and efficiently.

Prevent an Unhealthy Environment

Along with increased allergy and asthma symptoms, a home without the benefit of an air purifier may result in family members feeling sick and not knowing why. Symptoms that may be experienced include headaches, dry skin, itchy eyes, irritated throats and noses, nosebleeds, and a lack of energy.

A home that does not have an air purifier usually has stale or stuffy air in every room. The home may also have significant odors resulting from cooking, cleaning, pets, humidity, biological growth, and moisture. Once the purifier removes particles and pollutants, the air quality becomes fresh and free of odors and stuffiness, leaving behind a clean-air environment.

While those with health issues will benefit from using an air purifier, those not affected will benefit by enjoying a comfort of a fresh smelling home devoid of particulates that could result in future health issues.

Homeowners that have one of our air cleaning systems installed can expect nearly 100 percent of the particulates to be removed quickly, quietly, and efficiently.

Removing Toxins

After cleaning your home with household products, the rooms can retain the strong odor of cleansers. These products may contain volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. Some air purifier models are designed to remove these toxic compounds.

For service, repair, and installation of a whole-home air purifier system, contact our staff at Bentley’s Air Conditioning at (615) 754-2665 to schedule an appointment. We take care of customer needs with 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed.

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